Acciona Energy secures net profit of 363 million euros in 2021

Renewable energy developer Acciona Energy has secured a net profit of 363 million euros in 2021.

The amount represents a growth of 76.6% compared to the previous year.

With the latest growth, the company has announced its first dividend as an independent company.

"This is a first payment of 0.28 euros per share charged to the 2021 financial year, representing 25% of the profit," a local report mentioned.

It further stated that revenue amounted to 2,472 million euros, nearly 40% higher than in 2020, although in the United States it doubled, while in Spain it grew by 50% and in Chile another 49%.

According to the company, the total investment was 819 million euros.

Only last year alone, the company managed to reach 20,093 GWh, out of which 10,532 GWh corresponded to the international market and 9,561 GWh to the Spanish market.

In terms of installed capacity, it amounted to 11.2 GW, compared to the 10.7 GW registered at the end of the previous year.

Meanwhile, Acciona Energía has ratified its goal of doubling installed capacity and reaching 20 GW in 2025.

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