Banpu NEXT to start 48MW solar projects in Thailand

Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu plans to start operations of two new floating solar farms. The first project, located in Apex Green Industrial Estate in Chachoengsao, has electricity generation capacity of 32 megawatts, the other is a 16MW floating solar farm being built in LK Rubber Industrial City Hub in Rayong's Muang district.

This showing the success of the floating solar project in the industrial estate Lakchai Muang Yang Prepare to start power distribution in the middle of 2022, the two projects expected to reduce electricity costs by more than #51 million baht per year.

“We are using our expertise in energy technology to design solar power systems of all types, including floating solar farms, to meet the needs of industrial estate operators."Said Chanit Suwanparin , Senior Vice President at Banpu Next .

For the year 2022, Banpu NEXT plans to proactively install all types of solar systems in Thailand for all industries. especially industrial estates and large industries The floating solar project in Apex Green Industrial Estate is the largest private floating solar project in Thailand. Installed on a pond area of ​​200 rai with a total production capacity of 32 megawatts. It is expected that if the installation is completed And starting to supply electricity to the system will save more than 36 million baht per year on electricity bills and help promote the ecosystem around the industrial estate. environment and surrounding communities to have a better quality of life sustainably

“Currently, Banpu NEXT has gained the trust of customers from various businesses. including large industrial estates, factories, hospitals, department stores Community malls, schools, hotels, markets, gas stations, etc., because we believe in the strength of expertise in all types of solar installations. Both solar rooftops Solar Carport, Floating Solar and Solar Farm Customer centric operations begin with the use of intelligent solutions to analyze each customer's energy consumption behavior. and bring data to design a solar system that meets the needs and problems (Pain point) suitable for energy use More importantly, there is a digital platform that allows customers to monitor production. The use of electricity from both the solar system and other electricity sources Including seeing the effect of saving on electricity bills and reducing CO 2You can get real-time 24/7 notifications through the app, as well as being able to notify you of any power failure instantly in a single app. Banpu NEXT also offers other smart energy solutions. that will help create more value in business and reduce energy costs in all dimensions as well,” concluded Mr. Chanit .

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