Brazil achieves 14 GW of installed solar power capacity

Brazil has achieved the milestone of installed solar power capacity of 14 GW.

It was announced by the ABSOLAR, a domestic solar power association in the South American country.

Out of the 14 GW solar power installed, it reported that the distributed technology installations amount to 9.3 GW. Similarly, the large-scale solar plants account for the remaining 4.7 GW.

As per the local reports, 99.9% of the solar energy out of distributed solar projects is being utilized from all of the installations.

According to ABSOLAR data, in last one decade, the Brazilian solar industry attracted investments of about $14.6 billion.

In recent years, solar energy ranks fifth in the Brazilian electricity mix. It has even surpassed the installed capacity of Brazil’s thermal power plants that mostly run on oil, gas and coal.

According to the International Renewable Energy Association, renewable energy makes about 83 per cent of Brazil’s energy supply in 2020.

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