Brazil comes up with plans for hybrid power plants

Brazilian power clearing house CCEE has come up with a plan to use hybrid power plants.

For this, CCEE presented a document to the authorized regulator Aneel with recommendations on how to encourage hybrid power. It comes at a time when the regulator is considering developing rules for the emerging sector.

The report on hybrid power plants is said to be the subject of public consultations later this year.

A report mentioned, "Combining a diversity of power sources that can complement each at one plant is already a reality in Brazil, but on a small scale."

It has been reported that "hybrid plants that produce power from a combination of sources, such as hydro and solar or thermal and wind, allow for more stable production, reduce exposure to fluctuations in spot power prices and optimize use of the electric grid," a local report mentioned.

As per the authorities, all modes of hybrid power will be available by early next year.

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