Brazil crosses 10 GW of installed distributed generation

Brazil's has surpassed the installed distributed generation (DG) capacity 10 GW.

The Brazilian ministry of mines and energy made such announcement last week/

The ministry informed that the "mini and micro plants can produce enough power to meet consumption needs of 5 million residential units in Brazil, or about 20 million people."

As per the local authorities, solar power occupies the largest share of DG capacity. It holds around 9.9 GW installed across 916,600 grid-connected systems around the country.

Meanwhile, Minas Gerais is the Brazilian state with the largest DG capacity, the ministry said. It holds 1.73 GW capacity, followed by Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.

A report mentioned that "residential units continue to be the country's top DG generation consumers with 714,023 systems installed." It is based on the statistics provided by power sector authority Aneel.

Residential installation is followed by commercial and rural installations.

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