Brazil’s Absolar views energy source to be in backup capacity tender

Brazil’s PV solar power association Absolar has expressed hope that the energy source will be competing in a backup capacity tender this year.

According to the organization's VP Ricardo Barros, "the government hires potency instead of energy generation in the auction model."

It will enable the firm to assure the continuity of supply in an emergency situation, as per a local report.

"The first backup capacity tender allowed only gas-fired plants. A total of 4,632MW of potency availability was hired for 15 years, beginning in 2026," a report mentioned. The tender was held in December.

It has been informed that the next tender will take place in November. Considering this, Absolar is working to enable the participation of PV solar power in the A-6 tender in September.

“Our plea is that the auction allows, with technically fair rules, the participation of solar projects with batteries,” Barros was quoted in a report.

It has been reported that "only hydroelectric, wind and thermoelectric energy recovery projects related to solid urban waste, biomass and natural gas will be eligible to compete in the auction." To be noted, solar projects will take part in the A-4 tender in May and the A-5 one in September.

The A-5 and A-6 auctions are scheduled to be held in September.

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