Brazilian state of Ceara expedites agreements on solar energy

Updated: Apr 6

The government of the Brazilian state of Ceara has agreed to set up solar energy and green hydrogen.

For this, the government has signed memorandum of understanding with two companies that seek to set up solar energy and green hydrogen production.

The production will be based in Brazil's northeastern state.

Among these, renewable energy firm Kroma Energia plans to develop 690 MW of solar projects in Ceara. Kroma proposes to invest BRL 2.2 billion to build the Arapua e Frei Damiao solar photovoltaic complexes.

Similarly, H2 Green Power Ltd plans to produce green hydrogen at the Pecem industrial and port complex.

It has been informed that the latest agreement is the 17th MoU signed by the Ceara state government to invest in the development of the green hydrogen hub at Pecem.

According to Maia Junior, the head of Ceara’s state secretariat for economic development and labour, the government expects to sign three more green hydrogen MoUs.

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