Consortium formed to store surplus renewable energy in Spain

A consortium of eight companies has formed a Regenera project to develop innovative technologies to store surplus renewable energy.

A consortium includes the DAM Group, ENGIE, Sorigué, Hidroquimia, Tyris AI, H2B2, AIGUASOL and Exolum.

The project aims to store the energy efficiently and economically. It has been informed that the stored energy will be use in industrial processes for the production of green fuels, hydrogen, methane and hythane.

A report mentioned, "These may be used to generate heat, electricity, use as precursors for other chemicals and/or use in transportation to promote sustainable mobility," adding that all this using Artificial Intelligence models to optimize the use of energy resources.

It has been reported that the energy from renewable sources will grow from the current 25% to 86%.

According to the companies, "the main characteristics of renewable energies (wind, solar) is that they depend on nature and their production has variations, which makes it necessary to reinforce their security of supply not only with fossil fuels but with heating systems, thus energy storage are key to the development and enhancement of this sustainable energy.”

The project partners shared that the latest project wants to help transform the Spanish energy system by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, improving the integration and management of renewable energies.

They said, "It is possible to reduce CO2 emissions and have greater energy independence, and therefore, a less dependent, more competitive and climate-neutral economy in 2050.”

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