Dutch government picks three new areas for offshore wind development

Updated: Apr 6

The Dutch government has put forward three new areas for offshore wind development with an addition of 10,700MW capacity to the pipeline.

It has further confirmed two previously designated wind development areas.

It has been reported that the areas are known as Nederwiek, Lagelander, Doordewind. The areas are located in the North Sea.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the "two previously designated areas are the northern part of IJmuiden Ver and the southern part of Hollandse Kust West."

According to the authorities, the latest additions will take forward the country’s total capacity to 21GW by 2030.

It has been informed that the government is yet to decide on the exact locations of the new wind farms in the designated areas.

Netherlands minister for climate and energy Rob Jetten was quoted saying, “By 2030, we want to get 21 GW from offshore wind energy, making offshore wind energy our largest source of electricity by 2030."

He further said that while picking up the wind energy areas, other elements like shipping, fishing, nature and defence were considered in the North Sea.

To be noted, Netherlands is planning to use €1.69 billion to cover costs for various integration, protection and promotion of sustainable activities. The amount will be used from the country’s proposed Climate Fund.

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