Galp to install solar energy at 100 service stations in Spain and Portugal

The multi-energy company Galp is all set to install photovoltaic panels at more than a hundred service stations in Spain and Portugal.

The installation in service stations is for self-consumption.

The company informed that the project kicked off with the installation of panels at 12 stations in Spain.

Under the first phase, installations will be at more than 50 sites in the Iberian Peninsula.

"A 2.5 MWp project with estimated energy savings of more than €30,000 per year, which means more than €750,000 in savings for the stations over the 25-year lifetime of the solar panels," a report mentioned.

Teresa Abecasis, member of the Board of Directors and Commercial COO of Galp commented, "The energy crisis we are experiencing, unprecedented in the last 50 years, shows that investing in the energy transition is not only a question of sustainability, but of survival."

Currently, the company is the third largest producer of solar photovoltaic energy in the Iberian Peninsula.

It has an installed capacity of approximately 1 GW in production, as part of a total portfolio of 4.7 GW. Its projects are under development in Spain, Brazil and Portugal.

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