Good Performance of 600W+ PV Modules under Heavy Hail Condition

Hail, as a common natural disaster under strong convective weather, often occurs globally, especially in most monsoon climate regions. The China Meteorological Administration classifies a hailstorm with a diameter of more than 20 mm as heavy hail, which is a relatively serious hail disaster level.

In order to ensure the safe application of photovoltaic modules in extreme hail environments, the IEC61215 standard specifies the requirements and specifications for Hail-Test. (table as shown below)

Risen Energy has selected the RSM132-8-660M panel as an example. The appropriate hail diameter, hail mass and impact speed was also selected to test the impact of hail hitting on different parts of the module.

Real "seeing" is the only criterion for testing the truth. and Risen Energy selected the most vulnerable corners for the hail test. The results show that at the same position that has been hit by an ice ball with a diameter of 34.40mm, a mass of 20.444g and a speed of 27.95m/s, the panel is also able to withstand the impact of an ice ball with a diameter of 35.10mm, a mass of 20.497g and a speed of 26.34m/s. After two rounds of heavy hail hits, the module remained unscathed.

The above experiment fully demonstrates the ability of 210mm solar modules to withstand Hail-Test, and once again confirms Risen Energy’s capabilities in product design and quality control.

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