GreenIT and CIP to develop two offshore wind farms of 750MW in Italy

GreenIT has joined hands with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to develop two offshore wind farms in Italy.

It has been informed that the wind farms will have a total capacity of 750MW.

The two projects will be based in Sicily and Sardinia, more than 35 km from the respective coasts. The first project will consist of 21 turbines with a total capacity of around 250MW. The second project will have 42 wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 500MW.

According to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, the "projects will allow to increase the production of green energy and minimise environmental impact." The wind farms will use floating platforms and implement innovative technological solutions, it said.

The projects are expected to prevent up to 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The company informed that the projects will "produce about 50% of additional energy, with the same power, compared to an onshore wind farm."

The duo informed that the two wind farms will produce over 2,000 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of around 750,000 households in the area.

The operation of the first project is scheduled to start in 2026 and second in 2028.

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