GreenPowerMonitor to manage 104MW Sol de los Andes solar park in Chile

DNV company GreenPowerMonitor has been picked for Opdenergy's 104MW Sol de los Andes solar park in Chile.

The company is responsible to manage, control and monitor the park, which has an estimated generation of more than 280 gigawatt hours annually.

The Sol de los Andes solar park is based some 15km from Diego de Almagroin, the Atacama region.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that "GreenPowerMonitor and its local GPM SCADA management solution will control and execute data in real time.

GreenPowerMonitor chief executive Juan Carlos Arevalo was quoted in a report, “The growth of renewable energy installations is definitely a positive development for all – especially in Chile, where fossil fuels are prevalent in the energy mix, and the near-perfect conditions for photovoltaics in the Atacama desert make betting on solar power to achieve decarbonisation an obvious choice."

He further stated that in Chile, more and more green energy sources are integrated into existing grids thus systems must be adapted to new-generation technologies.

According to DNV, it acquired GreenPowerMonitor to mix its "experience in the wind sector with GreenPowerMonitor's PV asset monitoring and management solutions. "

As per reports, currently GreenPowerMonitor is managing almost 4GW in Chile. Besides, it is handling more than 50GW between solar and wind in 90 countries.

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