Headquarters made official for La Gan wind venture

Located in Lien Huong Town within Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province, employees and representatives of the La Gan offshore wind project arranged and attended a simple and intimate opening ceremony to mark the occasion.

Among the attendees were Stuart Livesey, CEO of the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation, Country Director of Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) in Vietnam; Duong Quoc Khanh, Development and Commercial Manager at COP; and Huynh Vu Trieu Kha, Community Affairs Manager for La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation.

The new office, will play the role of main headquarters for La Gan Company. It will mainly operate as the company's administrative workplace and will be used to welcome representatives of local authorities, as well as other units interested in the project, prior to the Project requiring larger premises in the area to support further development and construction The local team is now prepared for the next stage of the project which includes surveys and data collection.

Previously, the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation and team members opened its first office in Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province with the attendance of supporters including representatives from local government, the Danish Embassy and La Gan's suppliers that the project has secured MoUs with.

Stuart Livesey, CEO of the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation, Country Director of Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) in Vietnam stated: "It is an honor to be able to open the office here in Tuy Phong after the hard work undertaken by the project team with support from the local government. This will form the foundations of the Project and presence in the local area, allowing us more opportunity to liaise directly with key local officials, suppliers and local community groups. It also allows us to directly invest in the local area and lay the first building block as the La Gan Project progresses. As development progresses and we prepare for construction we will need much larger premises and a bigger local workforce to support this exciting pioneering project."

"Tuy Phong and Binh Thuan Province has a wealth of skills and resources to support La Gan Project, and we are very keen to focus on utilizing these and maximizing local content where possible. Our priority is to coexist and give back to the local community, while also providing Vietnam with an alternative source of green energy to benefit ours and our future generation in the battle against climate change" shared La Gan company CEO.

The La Gan offshore wind project in Binh Thuan Province is one of the first large-scale offshore wind farm ventures in the country which is being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and managed by offshore wind experts Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP). With potential capacity of 3.5GW, the initiative aims to increase the Vietnam's reputation in renewable energy on a wider global scale.

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