Iberdrola obtains a profit of 3,884.8 million euros in 2021

The renewable energy pioneer Iberdrola's shares have risen by 1.3% this week.

This development comes after the company announced to the market that it obtained a profit of 3,884.8 million euros in 2021.

This profit is 7.6% more than the previous year, the company informed, adding that it has been possible due to the growth of the market in the United States and Brazil.

According to the local market data, Iberdrola shares rose almost 3.4% during the session, have gained twelve cents of euros, that 1.3%, up to 9.344 euros.

It has been reported that with this increase, the accumulated losses in the year are reduced to 8.74%.

According to the market analysis, Iberdrola's results have surprised positively, and maintain a "positive assessment of the company's growth strategy for the next decade".

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