largest European double-sided solar plant opens in Greece

The Photovoltaic Park of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group in the region of Kozani, which is an inspirational project for the energy transformation of the country and marks the rapid transition of the ELPE Group to new more "clean" forms of energy was inaugurated .

It is the largest RES project to date in Greece and the wider region of the SE Mediterranean, but also one of the largest parks with photovoltaics in Europe with a total installed capacity of 204.3 MW.

It is estimated that it will produce 350 GWh of energy per year, while it will cover the needs of 75,000 households with zero emission energy. The total investment amounted to € 130 million, with a significant benefit for the national economy, but also the region of W. Macedonia, as it created over 350 jobs during construction, while it will maintain dozens of direct and indirect jobs during the duration of operation, most of which will be covered by the local community. The construction of the park, which is the largest in Europe with double-sided photovoltaic panels (bifacial modules) and has the latest generation automation system for monitoring and production control (Energy Management System), was completed on time.

Andreas Siamissis, CEO of HELLENIC PETROLEUM, said: "This project reflects in practice our decision and our commitment to a challenges. We set as a priority to create the ELPE of the coming decades, overcoming the inertia that usually characterizes large organizations with a long and successful history. We aim at a more integrated Group for the production and marketing of all modern forms of energy, which will lead the way in developments, strengthening the development course of the country. We are accelerating the energy transformation and supporting the transition to advanced and zero-emission forms of energy, but at the same time we are modernizing our successful core business. It is particularly encouraging for us to see the almost universal acceptance and identification of the Group's employees, but also of our shareholders and markets, with this new strategy."

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister pointed out:"This project symbolizes the green transition inside and outside the borders. It is the largest photovoltaic park in Southeastern Europe, one of the largest in Europe as a whole. Greece will become a protagonist in the field of renewable energy sources.

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