Netherlands to open tenders for 1400MW offshore wind farms

The Netherlands is all set to invite applications for permits for two new offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 1400MW.

The new offshore wind farms will be developed in the North Sea. The projects will be up to 700MW each.

It has been informed that the wind farms are based some 53 km off the Dutch coast.

As per the Government Gazette published this week, the tenders are open from 14 April to 12 May 2022, while the applications can be submitted through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Following the process of applications, RVO will assess the received applications, and announce the winners in October this year.

The authorities have informed that the wind farms will be commissioned in the 2025-2026 period. "The construction of the wind farms will be carried out without subsidy," a report mentioned.

A report further stated, "For the permit of lot 6, the criteria is in relation to innovations in the field of ecology and for lot 7 the criteria is in relation to innovation in the field of system integration."

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