Nextracker to provide smart solar trackers to 450MW project in Saudi Arabia

Nextracker is all set to provide smart bifacial solar trackers to the photovoltaic project in Saudi Arabia.

The company will provide trackers for 450MW first phase of the Sudair project.

The Sudair project is being developed by Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia through its subsidiary Badeel/WEHC, Saudi Aramco and ACWA Power.

The company informed that installation of the solar trackers is expected to start later in 2022. Besides trackers, it will also provide TrueCapture machine learning software.

Nextracker chief commercial officer Marco Garcia was quoted in a report, “Bifacial optimised trackers and TrueCapture technology are particularly well suited to maximise solar energy production on power plant facilities in desert environments."

He further stated that since the "desert has a very high albedo, or brightness of the ground, this makes a significant difference in the total amount of energy produced, bringing great value to our customers with the lowest levelized cost of energy.”

According to Nextracker, its technology "enables solar panels to track the path of the sun to maximise energy production versus fixed tilt ground mount applications."

Meanwhile, ACWA Power chief financial officer Kashif Rana was quoted in a report, “We view Nextracker as being a key partner in delivering the most efficient energy production at the lowest possible cost.”

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