Seraphim completes 72MW PV module production for Citicore

Seraphim Energy Group Co., Ltd. (Seraphim), a leading global solar product manufacturer, has recently completed PV module deliveries of 72 MW to Citicore Power Inc. (Citicore), a well-known community-focused renewable energy company in the Philippines.

According to Seraphim, Citicore placed an order for up to 72 MW of its monofacial modules with a maximum power output of up to 540/545W last July 2021.

The PV modules were scheduled to be delivered between October 2021 and January 2022 while the official commission date is estimated to be October 2022.

“This is an important solar industry procurement deal which is a testimony to Seraphim’s exponential growth in the Philippines,” says Polaris Li, president of Seraphim.

“The Philippines is well positioned for solar energy in terms of geography enjoying abundant sunlight, and with reliable local partners, we have already shipped over 200MW solar modules in the past 2 years. I believe that this cooperation with Citicore will help us further increase our strength in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia as a whole.” Li added.

About Seraphim

Seraphim has specialized in research, development, production, and innovation and sales of PV products since its foundation in 2011. To date, more than 14GW Seraphim's products have been installed in over 40 countries worldwide.

About Citicore

At present, Citicore is one of the leading players in the solar energy space of the Philippines with a combined generating installed capacity of 170 Megawatts.

Citicore produces clean and pure renewable energy supply straight from their solar generation plants across the Philippines through Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC).

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