Spanish telecommunications starts operations of first photovoltaic park in Brazil

Spanish telecommunications group Telefonica started the operations of its first photovoltaic park in Brazil.

The company has expanded its solar power footprint in Brazil with this project. The park is located in Boa Vista, the northern state of Roraima.

For this, the distributed generation (DG) agreement was held between the telco and power company Voltxs Energia. The company informed that the Roraima plant has a capacity of 2.27GWh/y.

The plant will produce enough energy to supply all of Telefônica's low-voltage power consumption in the state.

According to Telefonica Brasil, it has at least 24 operating solar plants supplying its operations across Brazil. The first plant in the region was opened in March with a capacity of 2.19GWh/y. It was built and operated by Athon Energia. The plant is located in Marabá, Pará state.

“We intend to expand our portfolio throughout Brazil through the end of 2022, developing 178 MWp in solar plant projects,” Voltxs head of operations, Matheus Teixeira, was quoted in a statement.

The company informed that it plans to have a total of 85 DG plants in the country. "When in operation, these plants are projected to generate a combined 711GWh/y, serving 30,000 Telefônica's consumption units," the statement reads.

The company plans to have around 85 DG plants operating in the country. For this, it is likely to sign further contracts with solar power companies.

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