Top 10 global & China wind turbine makers 2021

The high installation rates came despite inflation of global commodity prices and “supply chain chaos” last year, according to analysts BloombergNEF.

In 2021, China's newly installed wind power capacity reached 55.8GW, a slight decrease of 3% compared with 2020, newly installed capacity in China in 2021 exceed 50GW for the second year running. Onshore wind power increased by 41.6GW, a year-on-year decrease of 23%; offshore wind power increased by 14.2GW, a year-on-year increase of 351%.

Goldwind installed 11.38GW, down from 12.33GW in 2020, and took a 20% market share.

Envision installed 7.81GW, down from 10.07GW in 2020, for a 14% market share.

Windey doubled its market share over the year, up from 7% to 14%.

The biggest three companies increased their market share from 47% last year to take 57% of the onshore wind market, signalling fierce competition. Eight other Chinese companies could each only claim between 3% and 9% in 2021.

The top three offshore wind turbine manufacture companies are Shanghai Electric (4.1GW), Mingyang (3.8GW) and Goldwind (2.4GW), with a combined market share of 72%.

China more than doubled its entire offshore wind capacity during 2021, adding 14.2GW in the year.

The global wind industry posted another record for new commissioned capacity in 2021, as total additions fell just short of 100GW for the second year in a row, according to research by BloombergNEF (BNEF).

BNEF’s 2021 Global Wind Turbine Market Shares report finds that developers brought online some 99.2 gigawatts of wind turbines globally in 2021, edging past the 98.5 gigawatts commissioned the previous year. While the majority was added on land (83%), additions of new offshore turbines rose to 16.8 gigawatts – a 161% increase compared with 2020.

Vestas regained its spot at the top of the ranking, adding 15.2 gigawatts worldwide. This is a 3.2-gigawatt lead on its nearest competitor, Goldwind, which was in second place with 12 gigawatts.

Siemens Gamesa took the third spot in the ranking.

General Electric, the previous year’s leading turbine maker, fell to fifth place as installations dropped 22% in its home market the U.S.

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