Toshiba seals turbine supply deal for onshore wind farms in Japan

The Japanese brand Toshiba has sealed a turbine supply deal for onshore wind farms in Japan.

The company secured the contract for a project totalling 147MW.

The wind farm is located in the Abukuma area of Fukushima Prefecture of Japan.

According to the company, "it will supply 46 GE 3.2MW machines and provide operations and maintenance for 20 years."

It has been reported that the turbines will be "installed on the ridge line of the Abukuma area, which straddles Tamura City, Okuma Town, Namie Town, and Katsurao."

The company informed that the wind project is owned by Fukushima Reconstruction Wind. The project is expected to deliver enough electricity that can power around 120,000 households.

The project construction is underway, Toshiba informed.

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